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My Story

Welcome to Lotuslily Wellbeing, a hub for all things wellness and yoga.

Yoga is my way of life. Yoga has guided me to become a more well-balanced, healthy and peaceful person. My mission is to lead a content and healthy lifestyle, and inspire people along the way to take care of their wellbeing and enjoy some yoga along the way.

My journey began in New Zealand, where during my first ever yoga class I learned the power of the breath and how with the right mindset anything is possible. Since completing my training in India I have been lucky enough to enrich the lives of others through teaching. Through a variety of poses, and conscious sequencing, she aims to build strength, flexibility, and balance to help you undercover for yourself the benefits of yoga. Take a class with me, join me on a Lotuslily retreat or simply take a browse on this website and hopefully I will meet you very soon. 

Lots of love, Helen.

Wellbeing with Helen


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